Full Time Child Care in Erie, PA

Your child will be placed with the appropriate age group in order to ensure that he or she is receiving the proper learning tools to stimulate growth. Our teachers in each classroom are consistent and this allows not only for the parents to get comfortable with the teachers, but also for the students and teachers to develop a great rapport.

At Little Wonders Child Carein Erie, PA, we strive to develop an atmosphere where your child feels as if our daycare center is a home away from home. When you enroll your child into our care, you are automatically a part of our ever-growing family!

Full Time Child Care Erie, PA

We offer both part time and full time child care services. For our first shift daycare children, a new lesson plan is developed weekly to focus on a specific set of skills that work with different areas of childhood development. Each Monday, the new lesson plans are posted to keep our parents up-to-date on what’s happening in our Little Wonders community. Our lesson plans also include a daily circle time, art/science activity, music and story time, and of course a learning activity. Your child’s development is our top priority and we continually update our parents in order to keep you as involved as we can!

Second Shift Day Care Erie, PA

Second Shift Day Care Services

At Little Wonders Child Care, we understand that every family situation is different. Not all parents work the typical 9 AM-5 PM shift. Because of this, modern parents require flexibility when it comes to their childcare center. Providing second shift day care for children gives parents the reassurance that their little one is in good hands, even when they must work in the evening time. 

Our second shift teachers also prepare weekly lesson plans for your child to ensure that we keep the brain moving and developing. Children at night will do most of their activities after dinner. A craft/science activity will be done after our nightly snack.

As always, Little Wonders adheres to the ratio regulations set in place by the state to ensure that your child is receiving the proper individual care and attention.

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